And if it was you?

test-visualDepending on his personal history and his deep personality, everyone lives departures differently. Get to know better is possible to understand his fears and hopes. It is also to know what is projected on the other. At the end of the 15 questions, you will find the results of your profile. You will also find a summary of « what if it was me » to whom would announce a departure, how I should live?
Tips for interacting with people with different profiles complete the test.

Les champs obligatoires sont indiqués avec *

1.When you go on vacation ... *
2.Your new colleague is a robot ... *
3.You will inherit a large sum of money *
4.Your motto in life ... *
5.When you think back to your first love ... *
6.When everything is accelerating ... *
7.Can not find sleep ... *
8.In your office, you need *
9.In your closet ... *
10.To friendship *
11.You write a novel whose title is "the beginning" The subject: *
12.We offer a machine to travel in the future *
13.The gossips say behind your back that you are: *
14.... but those who know you rent: *
15.You hear the word go and you answer: *