The author

Rosa Rossignol

L’auteure Rosa Rossignol

I graduated from Bocconi University, and studied in France (ESSEC) and the USA (New York University).
For over 15 years I have worked in structures with recognized know-how (Accenture, Adecco, Valeo) and medium-sized structures in strong expansion requiring the definition, formalization and implementation of solution human resources (CVA). I was Consultant Organization, Training Manager, Recruitment Manager, Director of Human Resources. My professional experience developed in Italy, France, Sweden and Morocco.
Recently, I have enriched my career within a professional association of HRD, developing more than 80 specific training to HR areas: HR Risks, Social Management Control, HR English always favoring a pragmatic approach and meeting between professionals from different worlds.

In May 2009, I created my own firm, HR’s Address Book to respond to a request for advice increasingly individualized. Since its founding, Book Addresses HR supported several hundred people and thirty companies including Strategy Consulting Archery, Army, Canal +, Parfums Christian Dior, SFD, Yellow Pages, Valloire Group, CIRAD, Company General, Suez Environnement, Vivarte …

My passion for people led me to become a member of the Alumni Honorary President of Bocconi University in Françe where we develop friendly activities to enable young people who are starting to rely on a network of experienced professionals.

I’m Lieutenant Colonel of the Citizen Reserve DRHAT.

With “Gérer efficacement un départ” I wanted to use my experiences and talents to uncover unspoken covering the experience of many people and contribute to a more humane management and positive changes. Our changing world really needs.