A range of practical services to help individuals and enterprises to seamlessly manage departures.

1. Services for Business / Management

Where are you in the management of departures in your business?
– Training:
We develop training tailored to HR or management personnel.
A professional interactive application, commonly known as “Serious Game” is available. This application simulates a starting Maintenance of the frame perspective.
– Conferences:
We work in a company, with groups or associations. The content suits your specific needs.

– Support managers: The manager is a key player in the start procedure. Book Addresses HR accompanies operationally managers.
: Individual or collective benefit through layoffs.

2. Services for Individuals

– Legal Assistance
Advice to people starting situation.
Career Management
Personalized coaching to achieve your goals.
Career Transition Management
Personal coaching for those seeking employment
– Skills assessment
Device enabling employees to analyze their personal and professional skills in order to define a professional project or training


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