I wish to tender my resignation

  1. The legal process
    The resignation is subject to certain formalities. I have to inform my employer of my will to break my contract of employment. To avoid any subsequent dispute, I better notify my employer by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by letter delivered personally against a receipt, my decision to step down.
    Subject to compliance with the prescribed notice, I am free to resign at any time without having to justify my decision and my employer can not oppose it.
  2. The management of the notice period
    I must make a notice and the duration is fixed by law or by convention or collective labor agreement.
    Warning: if I‘m on vacation when I present my resignation, the counting of days will be from the end of holidays!
  3. The attitude towards my manager
    I remain professional and positive! Whatever the reasons for leaving, it is better to adopt a constructive attitude.
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