Rosa Mobility Map

How this application is designed?

smartphoneLa Rosa Mobility Map is a tool to guide you, give you references, bring you information about the steps that mark your professional development. It is a guide for mobile people and businesses promoting mobility.

You will find in this application practical data, a set of tools and resources associated with different phases of a career path. The career path is shown (here) as a succession of cycles, each structured in four phases:


  1. Integration
  2. Evolution
  3. Leaving
  4. Transition.

The circular four-phase process is repeated over time, with each change of employer. It evokes the dynamics of movement, own transformation and adaptation of professional development. The succession of these cycles, as the great cycle of your professional career.

rosaqrThe circular mode, also suggests the very strong links that exist between the end of one cycle and the beginning of the following: namely properly close a cycle allows to better address the following.

La Rosa Map Mobility provides a basis to gain visibility and control of the highlights of your career.