Due to the evolution of the economy and society, our career paths are increasingly marked by change, mobility, fractures.
Having myself experienced these transitions, I have found as a specialist in human management, there was a big gap around the sensitive topic and professional starts complex, either in-house coaching level or literature.
Misunderstandings, misunderstandings, depersonalization or anonymity frequently surround these events while their good management is crucial for the welfare and future good life of both parties: the company and the outgoing employee.

With my book “Gérer efficacement un départ”, I suggest to those who live and manage those moments to go from silence to speech, from fear to boldness, and turn those opportunities into opportunities to grow.

For those wishing to learn more or accompanied, you will find in the services solutions for individuals and businesses.

I’m very happy to help you on this and will be happy to meet you on the occasion of events organized around the release of the book or as part of a service offering.

Rosa Rossignol

Rosa Rossignol